Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tomorrow is the Day!!

Ella will be on time! Thinking this might be the case we took full advantage of our last child free weekend...movie, out for lunches and dinners, friends over for dinner and the list goes on.
We are going to be admitted to the hospital tonight and begin the process of bringing our little girl into the world tomorrow. Our parents made the drive from Jackson today and with David knowing the delivery date - he was a machine in the time before we went to the hospital - finished planting flowers, mowed the yard, was on a few conference calls and emails of course on his blackberry. Malia in very calm fashion, finished packing her third bag (of course including Ella's items too), emailed her friends and called others for final words of advice. Again we cannot express how wonderful our friends and family have been every step of the way. Tomorrow will be some first pictures and offical weigh in and height stats! We are so excited!

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