Monday, June 2, 2008


All 8 pounds 13 ounces and 22 inches arrived on Wednesday, May 28th at 4:02 pm. In typical Metzner fashion she was right on time. Where to was such an amazing experience. Our parents - now officially grandparents - made the drive from Jackson on Tuesday evening and spent the day at Northside on Wednesday waiting for Ella. They all wore pink shirts - when Jerry and Kurt were out running errands together in a car from Mississippi they did get a few looks! The hospital staff and Malia's doctor were amazing! David made the slip of saying it was the best hospital...and got a stern look from his dad. We arrived home from the hospital on Friday and it has been a whirl wind since. Linda will continue to stay for a few weeks - Jerry was here for about a week but Piedmont came calling. Kurt will be driving Dianne to Atlanta for a week plus in the middle of June - so we have the month of June covered, what to do for July??!!!Thank you again to our wonderful friends and family - we could not do it without everyone. Ella is truly a gift from God, we are so blessed.

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