Monday, July 21, 2008

8 Weeks Old!!

How does time go so fast in life? Ella is 8 weeks old this Wednesday and will share the date with her dad's birthday of 32 - he is approaching his middle 30's quickly!

Ella has been doing great with her routine - she is eating about every 3 hours and takes a few naps in the morning but is up most of the afternoon into the evening - she has slept through the night on a few occasions. If she does not sleep through the night she is only waking up once. She is really starting to follow things as she has discovered the moving parts located above her swing and is also fascinated by lights - at some point we all were that easily entertained! "Gammy" (aka Linda) and "Grandpa" (aka Jerry) spent last week with Malia and Ella while David was at a wedding in Milwaukee then in Denver for work (David paid dearly for his 48 hours of fun in Milwaukee as he realized he can't keep up with the big boys and got strep throat). We have been using the running stroller with the car seat secured to the frame with a special adaptor - talk about a work out running up a hill with her in the stroller! The dogs join us every once and awhile but the boys have really adjusted to Ella and pretty much just ignore her - they do sleep in her room from time to time.

Ella gets her shots next week and we are trying to prepare ourselves for the sad event - we have heard it can be pretty rough for the little one. August will be a busy month with visits from both of Ella's uncle and Dee Dee and Grandad will come too - she is very excited! Stay tuned....

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Big 4th of July Weekend!

Ella experienced her first Braves game on July 4th! Some friends of ours (the Chiocks) were celebrating Mike's birthday and had a suite so we just rolled Ella right into the suite. I told her not to get use to the VIP lifestyle though! She did great, Malia was able to wear the Baby Bjorn - a favorite of ours and hers - and then have two free hands to enjoy a hot dog and a beer! We had a great time with our friends from Sunday school class during the game.

We started the day what we coined the "Faunsworth" 5 K - Malia, David, Ella, Napoleon and Otto (the dogs have officially made the move from man's best friend to dogs with Ella) went for a run along the "Hooch" river - Ella enjoys being in the jogging stroller. Thank you to Mike Campbell (Malia's boss) for the stroller, we are getting great use of it.

We are trying to keep to a routine with Ella - feedings every 2 or so hours, naps and bath time starting at 8 pm- actually a big surprise for us is that Malia has been more strict about the routine than David! It seems to be working great as Ella slept through the night 2 nights last weekend and is only waking up once on a regular basis. The hair is too funny after bath time - all natural and no products! Stay tuned....

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

1 Month Old!

Father's Day and crying baby!

We took Ella to the doctor yesterday and she is doing great! Her weight of 11 pounds 3 ounces floored us (and put her in the 95 percentile), she also has grown an inch, it is amazing how quick a month has flown by with her. We had a busy month with Ella, visits from grandparents have been an unbelievable help, especially since David had to go out of town for a week with work. Dee Dee (Grandma Metzner) stayed for the week when David was gone, the night Dee Dee left Ella slept the entire night, Malia is certain Dee Dee was in Ella's room waking her up when she was staying with us to play with her and kept her from sleeping through a night! :) Looks as if we will be having a visit from Malia's parents in July when David is gone to Milwaukee for a wedding and out to Colorado for work. Again, we are grateful to for the help! We are planning on taking Ella to her first Atlanta Braves game on July 4th, planning is the key word. We have some friends who offered up a suite so before I get messages from worried grandparents - don't worry we won't have her out in the sun! David is going to run the Peachtree Road Race that morning - an Atlanta tradition and the largest 10K in the world - so Ella and Malia will be roadside to cheer him on; it will be a busy day for the Metzner Family. Stay tuned for more pictures and we promise to get better with this blog thing!