Tuesday, July 1, 2008

1 Month Old!

Father's Day and crying baby!

We took Ella to the doctor yesterday and she is doing great! Her weight of 11 pounds 3 ounces floored us (and put her in the 95 percentile), she also has grown an inch, it is amazing how quick a month has flown by with her. We had a busy month with Ella, visits from grandparents have been an unbelievable help, especially since David had to go out of town for a week with work. Dee Dee (Grandma Metzner) stayed for the week when David was gone, the night Dee Dee left Ella slept the entire night, Malia is certain Dee Dee was in Ella's room waking her up when she was staying with us to play with her and kept her from sleeping through a night! :) Looks as if we will be having a visit from Malia's parents in July when David is gone to Milwaukee for a wedding and out to Colorado for work. Again, we are grateful to for the help! We are planning on taking Ella to her first Atlanta Braves game on July 4th, planning is the key word. We have some friends who offered up a suite so before I get messages from worried grandparents - don't worry we won't have her out in the sun! David is going to run the Peachtree Road Race that morning - an Atlanta tradition and the largest 10K in the world - so Ella and Malia will be roadside to cheer him on; it will be a busy day for the Metzner Family. Stay tuned for more pictures and we promise to get better with this blog thing!

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