Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Big 4th of July Weekend!

Ella experienced her first Braves game on July 4th! Some friends of ours (the Chiocks) were celebrating Mike's birthday and had a suite so we just rolled Ella right into the suite. I told her not to get use to the VIP lifestyle though! She did great, Malia was able to wear the Baby Bjorn - a favorite of ours and hers - and then have two free hands to enjoy a hot dog and a beer! We had a great time with our friends from Sunday school class during the game.

We started the day what we coined the "Faunsworth" 5 K - Malia, David, Ella, Napoleon and Otto (the dogs have officially made the move from man's best friend to dogs with Ella) went for a run along the "Hooch" river - Ella enjoys being in the jogging stroller. Thank you to Mike Campbell (Malia's boss) for the stroller, we are getting great use of it.

We are trying to keep to a routine with Ella - feedings every 2 or so hours, naps and bath time starting at 8 pm- actually a big surprise for us is that Malia has been more strict about the routine than David! It seems to be working great as Ella slept through the night 2 nights last weekend and is only waking up once on a regular basis. The hair is too funny after bath time - all natural and no products! Stay tuned....

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