Friday, August 29, 2008

Visits from Uncles and 3 months old!

What a great August! We have had visits from Malia's friends, Grandparents and Uncles. Both Tom and John made the trip to Atlanta to visit Ella - one from California and one from KC (actually Tom really can't call anywhere home with his travel schedule). As you can see from the pictures, one uncle maybe is a little more comfortable with children than the other...can you guess who...? (He is actually putting on a good act in the picture).
Ella is now officially 3 months old and doing great! She has been sleeping through the night, but really don't want to talk too much about it so we don't jinx it! She lights up our lives with her smiles and coo's - she is such a different baby compared to just 3 months ago, just crazy.

She has started day care and officially will begin the full days on Tuesday as Malia heads back to work, it will be difficult after such a great and wonderful 3 months at home with her. David's travel schedule has really moved into full swing and makes things a little "interesting" for both him, Malia and Ella - an adjustment for all. Enjoy the holiday weekend.

Monday, August 4, 2008

2 Months!!

Ella celebrated her 2 month birthday the same day as David celebrated his birthday, we had some friends over for dinner and Malia "cooked" a lasagna - actually we heated up a chicken lasagna Dee Dee had made when she was in town that we had froze. Of course Malia took all the credit for actually making the dish (kidding we did give credit to Dee Dee)!
Ella had a trip to the doctor and her first round of shots, she was just lying there smiling when all of the sudden they hit her with a shot in her right thigh followed by another two in her left thigh - it took a while for her (Ella that is - Malia was pretty broken up about it too) to realize what happened before the screaming started! By the time David took her (Ella again and not Malia) to the car though, she had stopped. A tough girl! David had to leave town for work so Malia was left to tend to Ella - but she had no real reaction to the shots, a blessing.

We continue to watch her grow right before her eyes, we have found many different voices and noises we never knew we had in order to make her smile - it is the greatest. She is also starting to follow - all so much fun.

Her uncle John is coming to visit for the week on Tuesday, so we are excited for him to meet Ella in person. John gave us a camera for the computer and we have been using Skype to host live web viewing for grandparents and uncles - it is really cool and works great.
Not too much else to report, till next time....