Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Baptism...Pumpkin Patch....Rice Cereal !!

Ella officially became a child of God as she was baptized on October 5th. Grandparents made the trip from Jackson and Ella's God parents - Rob and Kathryn celebrated in the event. Ella also had friends and family take part in the ceremony - she is one loved baby! October 5th also marked DeeDee and Granddad's 40th wedding anniversary! They celebrated with a cheers with plastic champagne cups! What great role models for us all and a special day all around.

This past weekend with Rob and Kathryn we made our way to a pumpkin patch in Woodstock, GA. Ella even got her own pumpkin - we did not know until after making the trek with some large pumpkins we did not know they price by the pound, maybe just pictures there next year.
Ella also started rice cereal - it was a sight to see - we think she is just fond of any type of food or at this point anything she can get in her mouth. From toys to toes they all eventually find the way to her mouth. Enjoy the pictures!

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Anonymous said...

Jen Hall here....I have been asking Mike to ask you guys to send pics of the baby and he told me you had a web site.....She is just beautiful. Now the fun starts when their personality starts shining etc...

When are you coming to visit?