Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween and 5 months old!

Ella had a great Halloween, she first celebrated with some friends at her house along with some of her grown up friends. She had her "boy friends" over - and we stress just friends that are boys! There was Lands the Lion and Dylan the Chicken - Ella fit right in with the lobster costume. The kidos enjoyed the evening at our 2nd Annual Metzner Spookfest - we had a houseful - the festivities included a pumpkin carving contest and costume contest. Ella also celebrated Halloween at her day care - all of the kids were dressed in costume.
Crazy to think she is already 5 months old! She has really found her voice too, she is constantly making funny screeches and sounds. We just sit and laugh with her when she gets going, she is making so much noise, she can no longer sit with us in church. We made another step with Ella as she is now attending the church nursery on Sundays. Enjoy the pictures! We know, we know, the picture of Ella demonstrating her Milwaukee heritage is bad, we could not resist!

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Anonymous said...

What great pictures. But, is she really holding a Miller Light beer can?