Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Green Peas....Yuk....Getting Ready for Christmas

I hate green peas! No more peek a boo!

Dressed for Santa. Sitting up is cool.

Decorating for Christmas with a 6 month old makes things a bit more "interesting" and also time consuming. Gammy Pelly was here for a few days to help in the process as we are hosting a Sunday school Christmas party this weekend, thank you to Gammy for her help.
Ella had her 6 month check up and is tipping the scales at an even 20 pounds and 27 3/4" long. During her check up she had another round of shots and they made her feel a bit blue. Then we tried a new food and from the pictures she is NOT a fan of peas - and her mom made dad play peak-a-boo and it scared her, needless to say it was a rough day for the little one. Stay tuned.

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