Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving & 6 Months Old

We made our first official road trip to Jackson for Thanksgiving, we started packing and gathering up the various items to bring about 4 days prior to our departure date, things have definetly changed, well at least for Malia who usually packs the night before! The dogs also thought things were different as their room in the back of the Tahoe has shrunk replaced with toys, blankets, teething rings, etc. Overall, the drive was very managable - we will be doing it again in a few weeks for Christmas.

Ella thought she had hit stardom once we arrived as the poparazzi were in droves taking picture after picture! Everyone keeps saying this definetly is your first child and first grandbaby! Malia and David always wondered why there were so many more pictures of John and Tom. Ella had a few play dates - one picture shows her reaching for Malia's friend Courtney's child - Reece. Let's hope her early interest in boys is just a phase. Enjoy the pictures and Happy Holidays to all.


Barbara said...

Malia and David-
Rachel, John and I really enjoyed our visit with ya'll Thanksgiving Night. Ella is too precious. She has beautiful eyes. Hope to see ya'll during Christmas. Love Babara

Anonymous said...

love the tub pic but show p-ssy please