Monday, April 27, 2009

11 Months Old and Counting!

Ella is almost to the year mark as she celebrates her 11 month birthday tomorrow. She has 4 teeth - and note home from school proving it too. She got her first note home from school saying she bite another child. When we told the story to her grandma DeeDee she said the other child should not have stuck her fingers into Ella's mouth - of course "god's only grandchild" would never bite another child! Some of the pictures below are from "Baby Day" at church a day dedicated to all the babies born at our church this year - 160! There were around 7 born in our Sunday school class alone.
Ella made another plane trip to Jackson this past weekend while her mom and dad attended a wedding. Both sets of grandparents were amazed by her power hour of eating breakfast and lunch, she can really pack it away. The one picture shows just left overs on her face. We are grateful to have such loving grandparents who took care of Ella for a few nights. We continue to fight ear infections as Granddad took Ella into the ER at Baptist for a quick look in the ears and she has her 3rd ear infection since January, tubes are in her future. Nothing else to report. Enjoy the pictures.

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