Thursday, May 7, 2009

Trip to Jackson

Ella made another plane trip as we headed to Jackson for a wedding - actually the wedding was in Hattiesburg so both sets of grandparents got some babysitting time with Ella. We think she is still wondering where the people who spoil her went and when are they coming back?! At the grandparents’ house she was greeted with a new toy, fun new clothes, and sweet treats not to mention full run of the house. How could she imagine going back to live with her parents? We know she did miss her "daa daa daaa" as she points and refers to her dogs and shrieks with excitement every time they come near – ok she does call everything “daa daa daa” but we think she is trying to say dog and she really does love to play with them. We are making the finishing touches for her first birthday party – ensuring not to go over the top - we don’t want to be parents featured on my “Sweet 16” reality show when that milestone rolls around. Enjoy the pictures.

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