Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day & New Pictures

We had a wonderful Father's Day, actually all of the fathers were in Atlanta for the weekend - Kurt, Jerry, and David. The Pellys and the Metzners finally made good on a Christmas present from Malia and David and we all attended Jersey Boys on Saturday night. Great time! A few of the new pictures are from Ella's 1 year old photo shoot - she was being a ham some of the time but she was unhappy for some of them as a few more teeth are beginning to pop through, ouch! Ella is having a great summer - she had her DeeDee and Gammy stay with her for 4 nights as David and Malia went to CA. Then next week Granddad and DeeDee are staying with her for 3 nights when we head to Milwaukee for July 4. She is changing everyday and we never imagined life could ever be this much fun! Till next time...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ella's 1st Birthday

Ella had a wonderful first birthday party! Friends and family celebrated in the event - we had a house full! She started the day in her nice birthday dress but ended the day in her tutu and covered in frosting. She did a great job on her "smash cake" and really went to town, David had issues with Ella having that much frosting and sugar, but Malia a fan of frosting herself, was proud of her little girl! Ella finished the day unwrapping present after present from our more than generous family and friends. One of her favorites - was the scooter - one of her least favorites - Elmo. We won't tell her that her grandparents gave her a toy that made her cry :) She is showing more interest though. We have been so blessed this past year to have a healthy and sweet wonderful girl, we are excited about this year and can't imagine how it could be any more fun!