Friday, March 5, 2010

Deer Valley and Snow in Atlanta!

The Metzner Family took their annual ski trip, with the help of DeeDee and Granddad to Deer Valley (Park City, Utah) and Ella made the trip ready to hit the slopes. Actually, both Ella and Malia did not do any skiing this year but everyone still managed to have a great time. We wanted to provide something extra fun for Ella so we thought she would have a great time snow tubing. She hated every second!! Maybe next year for tubing and David does plan to get her on skis! In the other pictures, we tried to get Ella to enjoy the rare snow in Atlanta. Note, we "tried." Much to her Grandpa's dismay, she is not a fan of the elements and we think she would rather be shopping with DeeDee.

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Billunit said...

Hello, Malia! Great to see your family is doing well. Check my blog for new pics of the current Flowood Masters Swim Team - Flowood Fighting Flounders. We still remember you as one of the charter members!
I see your Mom pretty often at the grocery, etc.. Ella sure is getting big and cuter every picture!