Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy 8 Month Birthday!

Happy 8 Month Birthday to our sweet and beautiful Finley! How is it possible that you are already 8 months old already? I never knew time could go by so quickly and it's kind of scary in a way. You've changed so much since we were in the middle of your fussy first months. For example, we went to dinner last night with our dear friends, the Kelly's. They have an adorable little boy, Lands, who is a day younger than Ella and a precious little bug of a daughter, Lyla (love the name), who also happens to be our goddaughter. Finley sat in her high chair the whole time, enjoying a dinner of Puffs, applesauce, and ground chicken and stars. She did great and smiled and giggled the whole time. Ella and Lands had fun together too.

While I'm on the subject, can I mention how gross baby food is? Well, not all of it. The fruits are ok, but anything involving some form of meat makes me want to vomit. I'm trying not to gag as I type this because the thought of it makes me sick, but we mixed one of Finley's favorites, yogurt, and ground turkey the other night for dinner. I had to breathe through my mouth the whole time I fed it to her and she just housed it like it was nothing.

I'm going to try and post a video that we took of Finley last week. I'll be highly surprised if this works...

I think it worked! Maybe John isn't the only one in the family who has the tech brain.

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