Monday, April 11, 2011

Camp Yes

Last week, the Metzner family took a little road trip to Jackson for Spring Break 2011. The last spring break I think I went on was when I was in college and things aren't quite the same. But this is way more fun, just in a different way. After packing for what seemed like days, we headed to Jackson for the week to our girls' favorite destination--Camp Yes. The magical land where the word "no" all of a sudden becomes a 4 letter word and where the world of a certain little almost 3 year old is perfect. And Finley's too, but she's just too young to appreciate/manipulate it yet. Camp Yes is where both sets of grandparents live and the word "no" is forbidden. Ella loves it and totally eats it up. Here's a brief overview of some of the daily activities that go on at this happy place:

1. Ice cream 4 times a day? Absolutely.
2. Going out on the boat and fishing any time Ella wants? Bring it.
3. Going to bed late? More please.
4. Stalling so much that it takes her grandmothers 45
minutes to read an ABC book? Totally acceptable.
5. Candy and gummy bears any time of day? Why not.
6. Playing with the Ipad, ipod, and computer all times of day? Sure
7. Riding in DeeDee's car with "no top"? Affirmative
8. Getting away with anything and everything? Yes.

I could go on and on and on, but I'm running out of synonyms for "yes". Just imagine anything a 3 year old wanting to do and being able to do it. Spoiled doesn't even being to describe it. As Ella told her teacher, Miss Lindsay, when she asked what she was doing for spring break, she replied "I go to Jackson, I get spoiled". At least she comes by it honestly. So, needless to say, our parents have got the whole grandparent thing down. But in all honesty, we are blessed to have them as our parents and in-laws and Ella and Finley will be better girls because of them. So, thank you for loving them in all the ways that you do. Just remember that I will call each of you the very second that Ella starts acting out when I tell her no. Lord help me when Finley figures out how to work the system too. Here are some pictures from the past week. And coming up next, a recap of my girl's weekend in Gulfport.

Grandpa after babysitting. Too much action for him.
On the boat.
Ella and Gammy "holding the bridge up". Finley and Grandpa.
Ella in Granddad's Office. I think we have another hospital CEO in our future.
Finley in the bath!In DeeDee's "car with no top".
Finley and Charlie.

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