Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

What a fabulous Easter weekend! It was so much fun and there's lots to tell so buckle up.

Friday day and night were busy around here. I landscaped the whole back yard. I carried and spread 7 yards of mulch and spread pine straw all over the place. I finally got the plants in the ground and into their specific pots. I even planted lots of herbs and vegetables in our garden box. My green thumb is coming along.

Saturday we all went to our church's annual Easter Egg hunt. There were so many people and tons of kids there. Luckily, it's very well organized and and broken up into several different groups, according to age. We went with the 1-2 year old group. The eggs were spread out all over the soccer field and all the families and kids lined up on the outside before the start. Before we even made our way down to the field, Ella spied all of the 2,000 eggs and thought they were all laid out just for her. We turned our backs for a second and she was making a mad dash onto the soccer field, all by herself. Thanks to the help of our friend Mike, we were able to grab her in time before she was able to do any damage. She was not a happy camper, but we were able to calm her down. We made Ella carb load the night before and go to bed early so she was full of energy and well rested for the hunt. She's a pretty smart girl. She would pick up an egg, shake it, and if it made a noise (meaning there was a treat/candy inside), she would would put it in her basket. No noise, no basket, and back down onto the ground it went. She had a great time and got lots of eggs. She also loved the jump-a-thon. So much so that she even went down backwards on her back. After the church festivities, we went and had lunch with "Dylan Chee-cock" and his parents. Ella was pretty worn out by all the festivities, and took a long nap for us once we got home. Finley did great on Saturday and loved being in her stroller. She was a good girl for us during lunch too. While the girls slept on Saturday, I finished up with the landscaping and filled in our annoying backyard water fountain with dirt and planted a Japanese Maple tree, surrounded by some green plants.

Sunday morning we went to the 8:15 service at church and it was packed. We got there kind of early and didn't think it was too crowded, but it filled up super fast. After church, we headed home and got ready for our orphan friends to come over. We had the Spencers, Knowles, and McWhorters over for Easter lunch/dinner and it was such a good time. We dubbed ourselves the orphans because none of us have family that live in town. The kids all slept while we ate and then once they woke up, we had an egg hunt in the back yard and then we broke out the water table. The weather was amazing and the day could not have been any better. I loved having all these kids over here playing and spending time with our friends. It was a perfect day. I took over 200 pictures this weekend (having a digital SLR turns me into the paparazzi), but here are just a quick few.

Ella and Bobby. Yes, I blurred out Ella again. We can't get her to keep her clothes on.

Miss Natalie. So cute!!

Finley and Speight. True love at a young age.

I love this picture. How cute are all these babies?!

Ella and her Easter basket.

David and his girls.

Our friends, the Knowles. Please notice the boots on baby Speight. Hilarious.

Ella's game face.

Going down the jumpy slide. (What are these things called anyways? Space jumps?)

Ella and the Easter Bunny. Thankfully, Ella thinks more fondly of him than Santa.

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