Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Girls

We've been spending lots and lots and lots of time outside lately. The weather here has been perfect the past few weeks and we're trying to enjoy as much of it as we can before Atlanta turns to Africa hot over the summer. Southerners know the kind of heat I'm talking about. The kind of heat and humidity where you work up a sweat just walking out to your car. The kind of heat that makes swimming pools feel like bath tubs. The kind of heat that a certain mom can only take a few minutes of, but does not phase her toddler. Anyways, my rambling point is that I'm trying to spend as much time as possible outside with my girls before it gets almost unbearable due to the heat. For any parents that don't have a water table, I highly suggest one for your small kids. We got Ella one for her 2nd birthday last year and she's LA-HUVS it!!. It's hilarious and keeps her entertained for a long long time. (And it also doubles as a water bowl when you forget to give your dogs water). She gets really excited and loves to fill it with water, sit in it, and play with the toy boats and pour water out and onto anything, especially Otto. But, she cannot play with it with any clothes on. She must remove every stitch of clothing because if anything gets wet, she freaks out and has a minor meltdown. So, as a first step, she gets naked. Here is a picture of her with her favorite toy. Note: if it looks a little fuzzy, I'm still unsure of the rule that states what age it becomes inappropriate to publish pictures of my naked children. So, I erred on the side of caution and blurred out some parts. (If anyone knows that rule, please let me know)! Also, I want Ella to still speak to me when she's 16 and looks back on this. I love you sweet girl!

For the latest Finley news, she has learned how to "wave". I absolutely love this video and it never gets old. I love this baby!!

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