Saturday, April 2, 2011

President's Club

Thanks to the efforts of my hard-working husband, David and I are going on an all expense paid trip to Aruba. And kid free. We are so excited and just found out earlier this week that he (we) qualified to go. I'm so proud of him and cannot wait to lay in the sun with cold beverages in hand. In 2009, we went on the same type of trip out to California and it was great because we did absolutely nothing productive. No working (except for a few phone calls for David), no changing diapers, no cutting food into impossibly small pieces so an awesome 1 year old doesn't choke on it, etc. We would wake up, go work out, eat breakfast, get a massage, take a nap, shop, lay by the pool, day drink, and then night drink. It was so much fun. We're expecting more of the same for this trip as well. We've never been to Aruba and the only other time I've been to the Caribbean is when we went on our honeymoon to Antigua. So, if anyone has ever been to Aruba, let me know what it's like and what you suggest doing there for fun. Although if it falls out of the category of laying on the beach, we probably won't take your advice. Just kidding. Here's a link to our hotel:

Now, I'm going to have to try and get in swim suit shape. This is not as easy as it used to be after having 2 babies. Not that it's ever easy, but I feel like having 2 kids kind of lets me off the hook a little. Notice I said "try" because I just discovered how well animal crackers and frosting (yes, the store bought kind) go together. Has anyone ever tried it? It might be better than peanut butter and jelly or peanut butter and chocolate. And given my love affair with all things involving frosting, I don't see myself giving this up anytime soon. But, I just might have to make the sacrifice. In my attempts to get ready to squeeze into a bathing a suit, I'm going to have to start doing this for my workout. This workout is dubbed "The Lion". Enough said.

Every time I watch this, I get scared and inspired at the same time. Actually, I've done a modified version of this for my workouts a few times. The day after wasn't very fun. I was in pain--like, hurts to walk, hurts to stay still, can't get in bed, can't get out of bed pain. But, I must admit, I like feeling like that because I feel like I actually got a good work out. The thought of doing all those pull ups is beyond comprehension for me, so I just substitute lat pulls instead. Enjoy!

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The Bakers said...

HipHipHooray! I get to love on your girls while you both enjoy Aruba!