Thursday, May 26, 2011

Last Day of School

Wednesday was Ella's last day of Preschool. We are so sad it's over. It feels like the school year just began and I found out today that she only has 2 more years there until the big K. Sad is not even the word. We LOVE her preschool and we LOVE her teachers, Miss Meg (left) and Miss Lindsay (right). Ella talked about them all year long and we even threw their names around when she needed to be straightened out from a discipline standpoint. Whatever it takes right? Thank you to Miss Meg and Miss Lindsay for everything they did for Ella and for making this year so much fun for her.

Ella is going to Camp Patches this summer at the Preschool and luckily, one of her teachers is Miss Meg. And to add to the excitement for next year, Miss Finley will start her Preschool days too. That is crazy.

Left is Ella's 1st day of school in September and right is her last day. She's definitely not a baby anymore and she's such such a little girl now. The change from the beginning to the end is incredible and we feel like she's such a little human now. Obviously, she's always been a human, but she's just growing up and it's amazing to see her process things and take things in. And, having conversations with her is the best. I love to see what she likes and what she doesn't like. For example, I woke Ella up for the morning of the royal wedding. That was like a month ago. Every morning since, she wakes up and says "I want to watch the wedding" and that she wants to see "Mary". (Thank goodness for DVR). Ella thinks Kate is Mary, as in Mary the mother of Jesus, because Kate is wearing a veil. And, every time Ella wears a dress, she wants me to walk behind her to hold her dress so she can be like "Mary". If she thinks I look like Pippa, then I'm totally ok with that and I'll hold her dress any day.

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