Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Stuff that Makes Me Laugh

I don't really have anything specific to write about. So in the absence of meaningful stuff (like all my previous posts) here is a short list of some funny stuff:

1. Ella is hilarious. The stuff that comes out of her mouth is so funny and keeps us laughing every day. Every morning before David leaves for work, she tells him "No pushing, no hitting, lub you so much". She also likes to pretend she's certain people. Lately, she pretends she's our vet, Dr. Ahearn. She gets real serious about it too and changes the tone in her voice. Last night in her bath, I called her name and she said in a strange voice, "I not Ella, I Dr. Ahearn".

2. This video of my mostly sweet Napoleon. This is also the same dog that freaks out when he sees the beam of light from a flashlight and any other type of reflection. He is also very anti-cat. And he's a big boy. We went to the vet yesterday and while they didn't use the term "obese", he needs to lose some weight. I told him not to worry and that we will have him bikini ready in no time.

3. Finley is close to crawling! She's on all fours now and rocks back and forth. It's so funny to watch. Her big sister is trying to to teach her how it's done. I hope Finley isn't paying too much attention because I'm not ready to have 2 mobile kids. It's funny how we encouraged Ella like crazy to crawl and now I'm trying to delay it for the 2nd.
4. Lately, we've been using these blue rubber dryer balls that are supposed to replace dryer sheets. I'm still not completely sold on them, but I guess that doesn't really matter anymore. One rolled behind the dryer and I had to laugh because I know I will never see it again.

Now you've had your laugh for the day.

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Anonymous said...

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