Thursday, June 9, 2011

3 Year Check Up

We had Ella's 3 year check up on Monday morning. We love our pediatrician and always look forward to visits with him. And, we talk about him everyday, at least 3 or 4 times. One of Ella's favorite phrases is "my tummy hurts". It usually comes out when she's bored, in the car, eating or really doing anything. This has been going on for at least 6 months. Of course, it doesn't really hurt, but after hearing this phrase 82,000 times, we finally came up with a response of "well, let's call Dr. Reisman then". So, we pretend to call him on our phone and have a fake conversation with him about what she needs to do in order to feel better, which consists of things we expect/want her to do that day. For example, we say, "Hi Dr. Reisman, this is Ella's mommy/daddy. Yes, it's her tummy again. Ok, so she needs to go home, play, wash her hands, eat lunch, potty, take a nap and then play some more?". Ella always attentively listens to what we say. We've called him so many times that she's said on numerous times that "Dr. Reisman is a good man" after we finished our "conversation" with him. So, Ella was very excited to see him and she did great during her appointment. She weighs 38 pounds (92nd percentile) and is 38 inches tall (75th percentile). The nurse brought us back to the exam room and started asking us all the standard questions. She asked how many stools Ella has a day. Before we could respond, Ella quickly replied, "I have 2 stools-1 upstairs and 1 downstairs", referring to the stools we keep in the bathroom to help her get on the potty. Don't you just love the minds of 3 year olds?

Another thing we've done lately is look at picture albums from when Ella was a baby. Back in the day, I was good about ordering pictures and actually putting them in albums, but I think actual, physical albums have gone the way of the phone book. I think while Miss Lindsay was here last week, they started looking a couple of these albums. So we've been going over these and looking at all the pictures before naps and bedtime. These albums contain pictures of us on the way to the hospital to have Ella, while we were at the hospital, and up until she's about 18 months or so. It's so fun to explain the pictures to her and see her reaction. There is one of both me and David before we left for the hospital and I'm obviously 9 months pregnant. I told Ella she was in my tummy. I asked her if she remembered being in my tummy and she said "yes, I was having a party". I asked her what kind of party and she said a "tea party mommy". I'm glad to know that's what she was doing in there. She also told me today that she "wants to go back in my tummy". I told her I don't think that's going to happen. There's also another picture of our beach trip in 2009 with me and David, Gammy & Grandpa, DeeDee& Granddad, Uncle John and his girlfriend at the time, Anna. Ella looked at the picture and asked "Where's Finley"? How sweet is that?

Ok, so I know I said a few weeks ago that Finley is close to crawling. Well, she's a black belt in the art of the army crawl. I'm telling you, she's crazy fast and gets where she wants to go and gets into everything. I mean everything. This is a game changer and having 2 very mobile kids means that I'm even more appreciative of the exersaucer and high chair. Now, if someone could just invent a high chair that cleaned itself, life would be perfect.

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