Wednesday, June 29, 2011

David Gray

If you ever get the chance to see David Gray in concert, GO! I went last night with some girlfriends and it was awesome! And, he's quite the hottie too, which was an added bonus. He's an extremely talented musician and never stopped the entire show/concert. He would go straight from the piano back to the guitar and all of his back up musicians were equally talented. I'm always impressed with people that can play an instrument of any type. I don't even think I could play a recorder if I tried. His opening act was a little strange to say the least. We called her "Phoebe Von Trap" because she reminded us of Phoebe from Friends and she was dressed like she belonged to the Von Trap family. She was pretty funny and her music was unlike anything I had ever heard. We only caught the tail end of her performance. It was such a fun night and hopefully another concert is in the near future.

As a side note to my previous post, yes, David was out drinking beer with his friends last Saturday afternoon. But he had good reason. He was partaking in a cooking class that we got for him as part of his Father's Day gift. Yes, he made me write this.

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