Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Ok friends, it's been a while since my last update. I know all of you have lost sleep not knowing what we've been up to, so here's an update for the past 2 weeks. I've blogged about Ella's birthday party and her last day of preschool. Her party was on Saturday, May 21st. All of our parents were in town for the big event and then Granddad left on Monday, the 23rd to head back to Jackson because Baptist was calling his name. So, that left Gammy and Grandpa and DeeDee in Atlanta. We had a fun couple of days. We tried to go to the Botanical Gardens on Monday, but after packing everything up and driving down there, it was closed. Ooops. So, we walked around Piedmont Park for a while and Ella had a blast. And lucky for her, the sprinklers were going on the big soccer fields. True to form, she stripped right down to her "pahn-ties" and took off. She had a great time running around. Tuesday night was the Jimmy Buffett concert. If y'all have ever been to a Jimmy Buffett concert, you know how much fun and how crazy it is. If you haven't, you need to add it to your bucket list. He puts on a great show and there are sooo many hilarious and crazy fans and the people watching is amazing. The show was great and it totally got me geared up for our trip to Aruba (more on that later). David, unfortunately, was out of town for this and missed all the craziness, but someone has to "bring home the bacon" as Ella likes to say. Wednesday, everyone left to go back home to Jackson and it was Ella's last day of preschool, which I've already blogged about.

So, that leads us to Memorial Day weekend and one of my best friends, her husband and 2 kids were supposed to come in town, but Ashley (said friend) broke her toe prior to the trip. After discussing it, we all agreed that it probably wasn't the best thing for her to come to town and chase after 4 kids for the weekend so they had to cancel their trip. I was super bummed. But, I think we might get to see them later this summer. So, we had an open weekend all of a sudden. Friday night, we went over the Kelly's house with the Chiocks for an awesome dinner and a movie. We had lots of fun with them and the kids (and parents too) enjoyed Kung Fu Panda. Saturday, we went to the pool and little Miss Ella has absolutely no fear of the water or diving boards or slides. We love that she's so comfortable there. On Saturday night, we went over to the Knowles house for another delicious dinner of fajitas. We had a fun time over there and took a long walk to an awesome park by their house and no one could figure out where we were in relation to anything in Atlanta. It was driving us all crazy. Sunday morning, we headed to the Aquarium to see the new dolphin show with the Chiocks. This is a must see if you have little kids. It's really good, but just a tad on the theatrical side. Ella and Dylan loved it and it even kept Finley entertained. It was so fun. We went to lunch with them afterwards and then that night, David's buddy Bryce, or "Uncle Byce" as Ella likes to call him and his fiance, Terra came over. It had been a while since we had seen them we had fun with them. And, they asked Ella if she would be a flower girl in their wedding. How sweet is that? We were so honored, but I told them I can make no promises as to how Miss Ella will act. If they fill her basket with Reece's Pieces, I think she will be alright. So, Monday we just ran around and got some things done to get ready for our Aruba trip. We went over to "Bobby Pencer's" house on Monday night for yet another delicious dinner of shrimp and crab cakes. It was a grand time and Ella and Bobby played well together. Tuesday we just ran some last minute errands because we left this past Wednesday for Aruba and got back late Sunday night. I intended to blog about our trip but I obviously got distracted big time.

But, I do have one more thing that is muy importante. My cousin, Jennifer Hill, is now a doctor! She's such a smarty pants. She got her PhD marine biology. If you ever have any question about anything relating to crabs, she is the expert. She's been in Georgia Tech for the past 4+ years working on her research and spending long, hot summers in Savannah working with crabs. My parents and I had the pleasure of attending her defense of her work and I was beyond impressed. She's wicked smart and sounded like she knew what she was talking about. Her professors thought so too and she passed. We are so proud of you Jennifer and everything you accomplished!! She's now taken a job in Mobile, AL and is leaving Atlanta at the end of the month. We will miss you dearly, but we are so happy for you and know this will be a fun time in your life. Don't forget about us here in Atlanta. Her parents and brothers came in town for her defense and we got to spend some time with them and we all went to the Jimmy Buffet concert together. So fun. Ok, I'm done now. Here are some pictures on reverse order. If anyone knows of an easy way to load pictures to a blog, please let me know. It takes me forever.

Ella and Dylan taking it all in at the Aquarium.

Finley loves the fish!

Ready to go inside and see the Nemos.

The park is too much for baby Speight.

Finley at the park.

Ella and Winlon and their daddies feeding the ducks at the park.

Jimmy Buffett.

DeeDee having a great time.

Me and the PhD.

Ella at the Piedmont Park sprinklers.

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