Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Recap

We had a fun and laid back weekend. We went to dinner at Twisted Taco on Friday night with the Kellys and we had a fab time. And so did the kids, especially Ella and Lands. They took full advantage of the horsey rides offered up by Uncle BJ. They laughed, giggled and screamed so loud and it was hilarious. Thankfully, the restaurant was very loud so all of their loudness just blended into the background. Saturday was pretty much a pool day, which is always fun. Finley started her music class and she loves it!! After her class, we met up with big sister and David at the pool for a couple of hours. We headed back there later in the day for a Low Country Boil and for some more pool time. It was lots of fun, but the crazy weather had other plans. So, we headed home, put Finley to sleep, and popped in "Tangled" for Ella. We went to church on Sunday and then went to the pool again once we got home. We wrapped up the weekend with dinner and ice cream with Alison and Dylan Chiock. We went to a hibachi restaurant, complete with a Koi pond out front. It was a big hit with Ella and Dylan.

I tried to upload some pictures, but I can't seem to find the album in iphoto. Oh well, just imagine the following: Ella and Lands sitting on BJ's lap, Finley with a yellow scarf over her head during music class, and Ella and Dylan laying on the ground fascinated with a Koi pond.

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Camila said...

I can't believe you and Allison did hibachi without me!! Don't you know my love of the Japanese steakhouse?!? Dinner AND a show! Haha! Can't wait for Winlon to get his cast off so we can do pool time!