Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Finley (For Real)

Happy 1st Birthday to my baby. Where have the past 365 days gone? When we found out I was pregnant in November of 2010, we were over the moon excited. However, I often wondered if I would ever be able to love you as much as I love your sister. I mean, I love Ella in ways I never thought possible and I questioned if I would have enough love left to give. Like there is a limited supply of it or something. Well, at 6:01 on July 31st, 2010, all my worries went out the window. We loved you immediately and instantly and haven't stopped since. Nothing has been better than watching you grow and change over the past year.

In the beginning, I thought some days would not end and that life would consist of a baby that screamed 24 hours a day. I even googled "what if my baby never stops crying" and thought my life was going to consist of never leaving the house and walking around with my hands over my ears. Luckily, things got better and you became a different baby, literally over night. You are now such a happy, assertive, sensitive, and easy baby. And, you are the sweetest baby ever and your entire face lights up when you smile and your 4 teeth are precious. You love cheese, my keys, your sister and your dogs more than anything. It's so cute to see you get excited over things and watch you clap your hands when something makes you really happy. I love watching you switch between your regular crawl and your 1 foot/1 knee crawl. I love watching you stand up with a look on your face like "what am I supposed to do now?", only to fall back down on your booty.

You are the biggest blessing in my life and I thank God for the past year. And like your daddy says, we can wait for you to grow up. So just don't do it too fast ok? You are loved more than you'll ever know.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Diaper PSA

I realized we were running low on diapers yesterday afternoon. Running low usually means we really have around a 1 week supply left. We are down to a couple of days around here. Buying just diapers is not my favorite errand so I decided to look on this thing called the internet and found a site called Amazon --y'all might have heard of it. They have this thing called "subscribe and save". You can set your preference for diapers and the frequency on how often you want them delivered and that's it. For $23, I'm now getting 126 diapers delivered to my front door every month. They also have an "Amazon Mom" feature that all you parents must subscribe to as well where you get a discount on all things mom. Like mom jeans. Kidding, but it does save you some extra money.

Now, go and enjoy your day.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy Birthday David

Ok peeps, lots of birthdays going on around here. So last week, we celebrated Finley's 1st birthday and this weekend was David's 35th birthday. This was probably as close to a perfect weekend as you could get. We had a house full of out of town friends and it was so much fun. David is still really close with a lot of his buddies from high school, whom I just LA-HUV! They are hilarious, have awesome wives, precious babies, and know how to have a good time. So his best friend, Ricky and his wife Brit flew in from Milwaukee (not a surprise to David) and then David's other best friend, Chip, his wife, Kirsten, and precious daughter, Amalie, flew in from Phoenix (surprise to David). They all got in on Friday afternoon and the fun began. We went to an awesome dinner on Friday night at Double Zero Napoletano (put it on your list ATL friends), went to lunch at Flip Burger (amazing) on Saturday and then had a party at the house on Saturday night. I must say, even though David is officially middle aged now, he can still almost party like he used to. We had a great time on Saturday night with lots of friends, good food, and lots of adult beverages. We even had a clown pinata, Clyde, stuffed with airplane bottles of vodka. What's a 35th birthday party without a pinata? Sunday morning was a little rough to say the least and I think we were all about 98% dumb for a good bit of the day.
Everyone left that morning and it was sad because we don't get to see them as often as we would like.

It was just the 4 of us for the rest of the day so we did what most hungover parents do with small kids--nothing. Well, not really. We went to the pool for a little bit and then David took Ella to a birthday party on Sunday afternoon. I think the party got the better and more coherent person of the 2 adult Metzners. Ella had a great time at the party and came home one tired and happy girl.

I have to wish my amazing husband another Happy Birthday. I had so much fun celebrating with you and had a great time this weekend. You are the best and appreciate everything you do for our family. You make me laugh every day and I love that about you, along with a million other things. You are the best!

I need to get better at organizing pictures on this blog in the right order. Does anyone know how to move pictures around once you upload them? I need serious help, for real.

Ella, Amalie, and Finley. Cutest girls ever!

David's Birthday Cake that I made for him. KIDDING! I wish I could make that. It was delish and yes, that's a weightlifter on there. There is a better picture further down. This is where it would be nice to know how to arrange pictures.
Adam and Hannah.

The late night crew. I'm not posting any pictures after this point in the night.

Me, B, and Kirsten. Love them!

Camila and Caroline--so cute! Check out their blogs at the "Blogs We Like Section"--"The Knowles Family" and "Lion's Lemonade".

Clyde, the clown, before he met his fate. Poor Clyde.

The cake. How great is this?

Bryce, dressed as David. Hilarity!

Chip, Uncle Rico, David.

All of us before dinner on Friday night.

Uncle Rico and Aunt B. So cute! Love them!

Chip and Amalie. Presh!

Ella and Amalie. Could they be any cuter?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

50 Weeks Old

Before I even get started, let me go on and state the obvious and the following: I love both of my babies more than anything in the world and would fight off a pack of wild birds (I am deathly afraid of them) to protect them. Along with their daddy, they are the most precious and most important things in the world to me and I have never loved anything more than I love them.

If I've realized anything over the past year with having 2 small children, it's this: things that were a HUGE deal with numero uno just don't seem as big of a deal with number 2. I mean, I recorded everything that Ella did every day of her life from what her first church nursery number was number was to when she sat in her car seat for the first time facing the front. You know, the big important stuff. I have hundreds of pages of this stuff. Finley? Finley doesn't even have a baby book. Does that make me a bad mom? It might be up for debate. However, all the stuff I want to put in her future baby book is in the same place so that's a start, right?. My point is that while I love my daughters more than anything, Ella was able to receive all of our constant attention, while that's just not possible for Finley. I struggle and wrestle with this fact a lot. But then I remember that both David and I are second children and look how amazing we are. Don't y'all just love my sense of humor? We are a completely different family now, for the better, than we were when it was just the 3 of us, in both a quantitative and qualitative way.

So, where is this going you are probably asking. Well, we had Finley's 1st birthday celebration this past weekend and it was so much fun and very low key. Ella's 1st birthday party was big with lots of our friends and lots of kids. Finley's party was just us, Gammy and Grandpa and DeeDee and Granddad (aka Gaga). It was so much fun and so relaxing. Not that we didn't have an awesome time at Ella's party, but it was nice just being very laid back and not on any schedule. And, Finley doesn't turn 1 until July 31st, but due to upcoming trips and schedules, it was more convenient to do it on Saturday, 2 weeks shy of her actual big day. We all had a great time and most importantly, Finley had a great time. She didn't know what to do with her cake at first, but once she finally let me put some in her mouth, she was all over it and loved mashing it with her fingers. So, happy almost 1st birthday to my baby. You are loved more than you will ever know.

**Does anyone know of an easy way to rearrange pictures once they have been uploaded?**

Our Happy Birthday Girl.

Finley's pool crawl.

What's left of Finley's smash cake.

Otto playing clean up.

The birthday girl.

Big sister showing her how it's done.

Just getting started.

Us and the girls.

DeeDee, "Gaga" and the girls.

Gammy, Grandpa and the girls.

Our cake.

Finley's smash cake. Isn't this the cutest thing ever?
Birthday girl and her tutu, made by Gammy.
Eating cake makes for a happy girl.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Here's a little parental tip I learned yesterday. Instead of buying fancy walkers that encourage your little one to walk, just go to Costco instead. Do your normal shopping- you know where you go in for 3 things and come out $200 later, including 2 restaurant size vats of mustard that you will never use, but had to get because it's such a good deal. Be sure they pack all your purchases in a box. When you get home and unload everything, flip the box upside down on a smooth surface, place baby's feet on the ground and hands on the box and be prepared to be amazed. Who needs walkers? And, said box is also a great way to keep toddlers entertained too.

Ella likes the box too.

July 4th

Hello Friends! Have you missed me? I'm sure you have. We were out of town for July 4th and just got back Friday around noon. I've tried to update since then, but it's been non stop since we've been back (and I had to catch up on Keeping Up with the Kardashians last night) so it's taken me a while to update this. There's lots to catch up on, so get ready.

We decided months ago to visit St. Louis for the 4th for a big family reunion. My dad is originally from St. Louis and all his siblings and the majority of my cousins live there as well. Once we decided that's where we were going, then came the big question--to drive or to fly? It should be an easy decision when a family decides to travel right? Traveling is not a hard thing, but when you travel with small kids, it's a whole different ballgame. If you drive, you can take more kid stuff, but it obviously takes longer. If you fly, you get their quicker, but run the risk of being subjected to the "please don't sit next to me" look on the passengers' faces when you board with a spunky 3 year old and a super fidgety almost 1 year old. We finally decided that David would fly since he had to get back to Atlanta for work and I would drive with my mom and the girls. My parents have a 2nd home, aka "the farm" in small, small, small town Missouri, about 2 hours south of St. Louis. The girls have never been and the last time David and I were there, we were dating. So, when planning this trip, we decided that we all would stay in St. Louis for a few days, David would go back to Atlanta and then myself, both girls and my parents would head to the farm for a few days. My sweet mom made the road trip with me because there was no way I could do all that driving my myself. So, she drove to ATL and then we headed to St. Louis on Thursday, June 30th. We decided at the last minute that Finley would fly up with David to avoid two 9 hour road trips. David and Finley flew up on Friday, the 1st and then David flew back on Monday and then we headed to the farm on July 4th. My mom, the girls, and I left the farm on Thursday, drove to Nashville and spent the night, and then drove the rest of the way to Atlanta last Friday, July 8th. Got it?

The road trip to St. Louis was uneventful and easy, thanks to the DVD player in my mom's van. We had such a fun time while we were there. Lots of family, lots of food, and lots of fun. We had our reunion on Sunday and for the 1st time, it rained so everything was moved indoors. There were over 70 people there and as Ella said to me, "Mommy, I have lots of friends". A special thank you to my cousins Pat and BC for taking an extra 8 people into their home for a few days. We had a great time and Ella was beside herself with all the fun things to do (pool, choo-choo train, drums, guitars, Uncle Rico etc) and Finley loved having all the extra attention. I say 8 people because my brother and his girlfriend, Kelly, came in town from New York as well. This was the first time Kelly had met anyone in the family. Nothing like meeting your boyfriend's parents, sister, brother-in-law, 2 nieces and 70 of your closest family members all at once. Kelly is AWESOME and we love her!! I told John not to mess this one up because I might like Kelly more than I like him.

After St. Louis, we left for the farm. Finley was not a happy camper and cried for about 2 hours on the way down. Oh well, what can one do? Once we got out of the car, she must have sensed she was in "God's country" because she was so happy. The farm was so much fun and thanks to the craftsmanship of Grandpa, the girls had a custom made rickshaw and box seat for the 4 wheeler, both painted pink and "John Deere green". It was so cute!!! Both girls loved the rickshaw and riding on the 4 wheeler and the tractor was a big hit too. Ella went fishing a couple of times and caught several big catfish. My dad and I even managed to sneak in a float trip. The last day, we took Ella over to some of my parents land and on the way we stopped to take in some of the local attractions, which included pigs, horses and cows. Ella was quick to point out that one cow was a "mommy cow because her take care of her babies" and the "daddy cows go to work at Mckesson". My dad and I died.

It was an awesome trip and a great way to celebrate the 4th of July. We are so blessed to live in this country and we are so thankful for all of past and current military. I think we took over 500 pictures from the 4th (and those are just my mom's). I won't share all of them, but are a more than a few:

The Rickshaw in Action

Ella and Grandpa on the Tractor

The girls on the 4 Wheeler.

Ella and Grandpa went fishing.

This was Ella's reaction when we told her we had to leave the farm to head home.

Our funny little girl.

Grandpa and his girls on the tractor. If you look close enough, you will notice Finley's camouflage pants. Her "camo couture" look for the farm.

All the toys at the farm, minus the tractor.

Close up of the "camo couture" look.

Me, Uncle John and the girls.

Ella and her new BFF, Cade.
Cousins Pat, BC and the girls. Our fun hosts in St. Louis.
Grandpa's craftsmanship. The girls LOVED it!!

Custom box seat on the 4 wheeler. Again, it was a big hit!

Ella's favorite, Uncle Rico.
The family.

Ella's "gobbles".
Too much action for Finley.
Uncle John, Kelly, and the girls. We LOVE Kelly!
Ella excited to see Daddy and Finley at the airport.
Ella Pre-Cupcake.
Ella Post-Cupcake.

Finley and Cousin Annie.