Thursday, July 28, 2011

Diaper PSA

I realized we were running low on diapers yesterday afternoon. Running low usually means we really have around a 1 week supply left. We are down to a couple of days around here. Buying just diapers is not my favorite errand so I decided to look on this thing called the internet and found a site called Amazon --y'all might have heard of it. They have this thing called "subscribe and save". You can set your preference for diapers and the frequency on how often you want them delivered and that's it. For $23, I'm now getting 126 diapers delivered to my front door every month. They also have an "Amazon Mom" feature that all you parents must subscribe to as well where you get a discount on all things mom. Like mom jeans. Kidding, but it does save you some extra money.

Now, go and enjoy your day.


Sean said...

Have I not been preaching to you about Amazon Mom!?! Also on moving pictures you should be able to drag them around. It's a total pain though.

Sean said...

haha This is Camila.

Sage and Jack said...

I love amazon mom and I'm going to have to check out the subscribe and save. Did you figure out the pictures? I just insert each one as I go.