Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy Birthday David

Ok peeps, lots of birthdays going on around here. So last week, we celebrated Finley's 1st birthday and this weekend was David's 35th birthday. This was probably as close to a perfect weekend as you could get. We had a house full of out of town friends and it was so much fun. David is still really close with a lot of his buddies from high school, whom I just LA-HUV! They are hilarious, have awesome wives, precious babies, and know how to have a good time. So his best friend, Ricky and his wife Brit flew in from Milwaukee (not a surprise to David) and then David's other best friend, Chip, his wife, Kirsten, and precious daughter, Amalie, flew in from Phoenix (surprise to David). They all got in on Friday afternoon and the fun began. We went to an awesome dinner on Friday night at Double Zero Napoletano (put it on your list ATL friends), went to lunch at Flip Burger (amazing) on Saturday and then had a party at the house on Saturday night. I must say, even though David is officially middle aged now, he can still almost party like he used to. We had a great time on Saturday night with lots of friends, good food, and lots of adult beverages. We even had a clown pinata, Clyde, stuffed with airplane bottles of vodka. What's a 35th birthday party without a pinata? Sunday morning was a little rough to say the least and I think we were all about 98% dumb for a good bit of the day.
Everyone left that morning and it was sad because we don't get to see them as often as we would like.

It was just the 4 of us for the rest of the day so we did what most hungover parents do with small kids--nothing. Well, not really. We went to the pool for a little bit and then David took Ella to a birthday party on Sunday afternoon. I think the party got the better and more coherent person of the 2 adult Metzners. Ella had a great time at the party and came home one tired and happy girl.

I have to wish my amazing husband another Happy Birthday. I had so much fun celebrating with you and had a great time this weekend. You are the best and appreciate everything you do for our family. You make me laugh every day and I love that about you, along with a million other things. You are the best!

I need to get better at organizing pictures on this blog in the right order. Does anyone know how to move pictures around once you upload them? I need serious help, for real.

Ella, Amalie, and Finley. Cutest girls ever!

David's Birthday Cake that I made for him. KIDDING! I wish I could make that. It was delish and yes, that's a weightlifter on there. There is a better picture further down. This is where it would be nice to know how to arrange pictures.
Adam and Hannah.

The late night crew. I'm not posting any pictures after this point in the night.

Me, B, and Kirsten. Love them!

Camila and Caroline--so cute! Check out their blogs at the "Blogs We Like Section"--"The Knowles Family" and "Lion's Lemonade".

Clyde, the clown, before he met his fate. Poor Clyde.

The cake. How great is this?

Bryce, dressed as David. Hilarity!

Chip, Uncle Rico, David.

All of us before dinner on Friday night.

Uncle Rico and Aunt B. So cute! Love them!

Chip and Amalie. Presh!

Ella and Amalie. Could they be any cuter?

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