Friday, September 2, 2011

Beach Pictures

First day on the beach.  Finley, not on the sand. 

Graga and DeeDee fixing an amazing dinner!

Finley in the tube, not on the sand. 

Ella going tt in the ocean.  She insisted on taking off her bathing suit.  

Finley, not on the sand.  

Ella on her boogie board. 

Ella, all wiped out from too much fun.  She's sleeping in a wet bathing suit and sandy feet.  

Me and Finley. 

Cutie Pie!

Finley and her bud, Grandpa. 

Running makes Finley tired.  

Ella going surfing.  

Me and my girls.  

The 4 of us.  

Finley in her floating island.  Again, not on the sand. 

Miss Ella. 

Finley, on her blow up island.  Again, not on the sand. 

Graga and Finley. 

Looking for crabs. 


Me and David.  

My babies.  

Gammy, Grandpa and the girls. 

How we kept Finley entertained while we were packing up to leave.  

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Anonymous said...

ellas little p-ssy is soooooooooooooooooooooo sweet it drives me crazy