Monday, September 5, 2011

Bye Bye Baptist

After our trip to the beach, I headed back to Jackson with the girls for a few days to celebrate Kurt's retirement from Mississippi Baptist (or "Sippi Batist" in Ella language).  David joined us on Monday after coming back to Atlanta for a few days.  After 15 years, Kurt's tenure as CEO came to close and there was a lot of celebrating to do because both he and Dianne have done so much for the hospital.  It has been such a wonderful place for Kurt and Dianne.  We attended a dinner on Tuesday night as sort of a "roast" of Kurt from all of his staff.  It was so much fun, meaningful, and special to everyone.  There were lots of laughs and some tears too.  On Wednesday, we went to a reception at the hospital as it marked Kurt's official last day.  

I've never known anyone who loves his/her job more than Kurt does.  Like ever.  He eats, breathes, and lives anything from the hospital world.  Once you get him started on hospital stuff, 2 hours later, he's still going strong.  Even the hard, hard days were always good days for Kurt.  One of his favorite aspects of his job was making rounds, which consisted of bringing doughnuts and cookies to the nurses working the night shift.  One of his favorite places in the hospital is the NICU.  He took us on our tour once and it's the most amazing place ever.    

He will stick around Baptist for a while doing some projects at the hospital and then heading up a foundation later next year.  I know both he and Dianne are happy that he will still be involved at Baptist.  Kurt is not one to ever sit still.  If he wasn't sticking around, I'm sure Dianne would come home to find him doing something totally random like organizing their winter coats packed away in the attic upstairs or rearranging their spices.  So, it's the end of a long chapter of their lives, but not the end of the story.  Onto the next adventure!  

Here's a link to an article from the Clarion Ledger and some pictures from some of the parties:

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