Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Random Things

Last night at dinner, I was thinking about the book I read Ella before her nap.  Why I think about children's books when I'm not reading and discussing them is beyond me, but I guess it comes with the territory of being a mom. Anyways, the book is about all sorts of farm animals and about how the male rooster wakes all the other farm animals up every morning.  So are you dying to know where this random insight into my brain is going?  Here's our dinner conversation that will perfectly tie all of this crazy randomness together:

Me:  "Since all roosters are male, does that mean all chickens are female?"
David (with a look that says I can't believe you just asked me that and I know I should know the answer but I don't):  "Yes, all chickens are female...I think".
Me:  "Are you sure?"
David:  I don't know".
Me: "Well all roosters are male, right?"
David:  "Yes".
Me:  "So that would mean that all chickens are female right?'.
David:  "I don't know".
Malia:  "So the chicken we are eating right now is a female chicken?"
David:  "I think so.  Google it.  Or call my mom".

We wound up calling an expert....his mom.  She was raised on a farm in Iowa so she would know the answer right?  We called her and I think she thought we had be smoking something because it was probably the most random question she's ever been asked.  I'm still not completely sold on her answer, that yes, all chickens are female.  But, she has more knowledge on the subject so I'll go with her answer until I hear otherwise.  So if any of you fellow readers out there can answer this question with 100% certitude, you will be my hero (well, not really, I'll just think you are really smart). "Are all chickens female?"

I will share this tidbit of knowledge with you though.  In being Dianne's daughter-in-law for over 6 years now, I've learned this very important piece of information.  If chickens look up when it's raining, they will drown.  Who would have ever thought this?

And since we are on the subject of mystery questions, please answer the following questions as well:

1.  If you live in one time zone and work in another, what time do you leave your house, what time do you arrive at work, what time do you leave work, and what time do you arrive back home?  I always think about this when we drive through Alabama and the time changes from eastern to central.

2.  If you live in New York City and don't own a car, how do you bring home a baby home from the hospital?


Camila said...

1. You just blew my mind with the chicken/rooster comment. I have half my office researching now.
2. Depends on if you live in central and work in eastern or vice versa.
3. They take a cab home.

Kathryn said...

1. I'm probably wrong, but I've read a lot of childrens books recently and I believe that female chickens are called hens and male chickens are called roosters. I think that a rooster is still a chicken.

2. I don't do math and that's another good reason to work from home.

3. Cab, walk, car service or take the subway.

Malia said...
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Malia said...

Who knew roosters and chickens were so confusing?

Here's an example of the central/eastern time zone question. Let's say you live in eastern and work in central and have a 20 minute commute and you have to be at work at 8:00. So you would have to leave your house at 8:40 (eastern) to get to work at 8:00 (central)? And when you leave for the day, you leave at 5:00 (central) and get home at 6:40 (eastern)? Is that right? I would be so confused all the time. (I had to delete my original comment because I messed up the time. I think the timing is right).

So if you take a cab home from the hospital as a New Yorker with a new baby, do you have to have a car seat in the cab?