Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rock Ranch

So, this past weekend we went to the country version of Disney World.  Friends, this place is incredible.  It's called the Rock Ranch and it's basically a huge farm in Barnesville, GA with everything from petting zoos, to fishing, to zip lines, to train rides, to jumpy houses.  And one of the best parts about it is that it's sponsored by Chick Fil A so you know it's got to be a good thing right?

I went with a group of my girlfriends and their kids and it could not have been more fun.  This was kind of a moms and kids day as David and the other dads spent the day at the Green Egg Festival.  We decided to carpool so I drove David's tank of a car with Ella and Finley and then we picked up our friends, Camila ('s an AMAZING blogger), and her two boys, Winlon and Speight.  Holy car seats!  It was a packed house, but it was so fun on the way down, especially for Camila who probably got out of her seat at least 67 times picking up sippy cups and snack cups.  Winlon was forced to watch "Tangled" on the way down, but I don't think he minded because he had on his "ear cones" (aka head phones).  It was so cute.  David, the master packer that he is, strategically loaded both double running strollers in the back and carefully explained to both Camila and me how to make them fit.  It was a bit of a challenge getting them back in once we were done for the day, but we were able to make it work.

After a fun morning, we headed back to Atlanta and all the kids, minus Ella, zonked out in the car.  We spent the rest of the day at Camila and Sean's house and it was so spontaneous which made it even better. Sean and David made it back from EggFest and we turned over the kids to them for a bit while we, meaning Camila, made dinner and started in on a few bottles of wine.  The kids has so much fun and played so well together.  The dinner was amazing and then things got really wild and crazy.  We decided to bathe 4 kids in the same bathtub at the same time.  There is something sweet, precious, and fun about kids taking a bath together.  Fun days make for tired kids and both girls passed out big time on the way home.  It was such a great day!!!

I've uploaded a bunch of pictures, so just be prepared.

The armada.  

Ella and her pony, Tot.  

Ella and James petting a goat.  

Bobby and Kathryn feeding a goat.  

Ella, Henry, and Goats.  

That's a bunny in the middle of all the kids.  

Jo and James on the train.  

Ella and Finley on the choo-choo.  



Ella and Bobby on the jumpy.  

Ella on the horsey.  

James isn't sure what to think of the jumpy.  

Henry and Leslie.  

Ella and Winlon.  

Ella and Finley and the cow.  

Winlon in the cow. 

The cow train.  

Too much fun for Finley.  

Is there anything more fun and sweet than this picture?  

Matching footed jammies.  It doesn't get better than this.  

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