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So, if I was a good "blogger", I would not have to write a post dating back to October.  I feel like we have done so much fun stuff over the past few months and I've kind of put the blog on the back burner lately because life has been going at 182mph for a long time.  So, I have some down time and I'm going to recap the past few months.  I have to admit, it feels strange writing about Halloween when Christmas was 3 days ago.  I've actually had this post semi-written for 4 weeks now, but I just haven't spent the time to sit down and finish it.  I know y'all have been waiting on the edge of your seats.

The Cabin:
We made our annual trip to the cabin with our dear friends and Ella's godparents, the Spencers, and some of their friends (who are now our friends after 4 annual cabin trips) back in October.  It's always fun because of the following:  fun people (present company included:)), amazing food, and lots of alcohol.  What's not to love?
Ella and Bobby ready for their run.  

Bobby "Pencer", Uncle "Wob", Ella and David. 

 Finley petting a goat. 

Finley deciding she doesn't like petting a goat.  

Finley and her daddy.  

The most photogenic family ever.  

Ella and David in the apple orchard. 

Bobby Spencer enjoying his cupcake.  


Ella and Bobby.  

Nothing cuter than babies in the bath together.  I love the look on Bobby's face. 


What's more fun than Halloween with small kids?  Nothing my friends.  We had tons of Halloween festivities between school, church, our neighborhood, our Sunday School class, and the big day itself.

I love this picture.  

Cutest bee ever.  

Some of the kids from our Sunday School class.  Considering the number of kids, I think this picture is great.  

The Chee-cock Family.  

The Kelly family.  Please note my adorable goddaughter, Lyla, as a flower.  Precious!

Us.  I was an Occupy Protester and David was a Wall Street "fat cat".  

Ella and her buddy Andrew.  

Finley and her godmother.  

David's high school buddy, Bryce, got married to Terra in early November.   David was a groomsman and Ella was a flower girl.  Bryce and Terra are great friends and they LOVE the girls.  The wedding was in St. Augustine and it was so fun and beautiful.

The flower girls.  

Here is a quick video of my baby in action.  Both flower girls did a great job.  

She was very excited.  

Going to the rehearsal.  

The ceremony.  Ella was fascinated by Terra.  She made a beautiful bride!

Bryce and Terra, the beautiful couple and Ella picking her nose during the ceremony.  

Us at the reception.  

David and his buddy, Chip.  

Deedee, Ella, Finley, and Granga.  

My birthday was back in early November and it was the perfect day.  And it was perfect because it was so normal.  I took the girls to school, picked them up and then enjoyed a night out for dinner with my family.  And, I got a new Ipad which I'm just slightly obsessed with.  So, if you have any favorite apps, please feel free to share.  (I'm already on the Words with Friends bandwagon).

Ella with the cake her sweet daddy surprised me with.               Finley liked it as much as I did.  

Go Pack Go:
If anyone ever gets the chance to go to Lambeau Field, friends you MUST go.  Even if you aren't a Packer fan (as if) it's got to be on your list of things to do.   Even if you aren't a sports fan, you've got to go.  Due to my generous in-laws, we were able to attend a Monday night Packer game with them a few weeks ago.  I've never had better seats to anything in my entire life.  Lambeau Field and the Green Bay Packers are kind of like Disneyland for adults.  And the people watching, oh my Lord, I don't think it gets better than Green Bay. We had the best, best, best time and even found ourselves eating nachos at 1:30 in the morning.  Life is good.

On the tour of Lambeau Field.  There is some tradition involving the Packers and bicycles that my husband knows way more about than I do.  

My cute in-laws.  

The actual hallway that the Packers walk through on game days.  

We got to go on the field.  David was in heaven.  

David doing his "Lambeau Leap".  

I hope this picture conveys how incredible our seats were.  We were 11 rows up on the 50 yard line.  David and I tried to take it all in because we know we will never have seats like this ever again.  

The Pack. 

The aftermath of the victory.  I know the picture is blurry, but it's just a crazy, insane and fun place.  


As an early Christmas present from my sweet parents, David and I went to New York (kid free) a few weeks ago to visit my brother and his girlfriend Kelly, who's awesome, and one of my BFF (Aileen) from high school who lives there as well.  We could not have had a better time and it took us a few days to dry out afterwards.  We saw "Rock of Ages" the first night we got there.  What's not to love about a show where the music consists of nothing but 80s music and where they serve beer and jello shots?  It was so good.  David, being the best husband ever and being fully aware of my desire to become a Rockette when I grow up, surprised me with tickets to their show one morning.  He is the best.  We just ate and drank and partied our way around New York.  John, Kelly, and Aileen planned the days and nights out perfectly.  We went to fun restaurants and bars and felt like true New Yorkers.  It was the best trip and I can't wait to go back.

Our official welcome kit from Kelly.  LOVE her!!  She thought of everything from subway cards to snacks.  

Me and Aileen in Times Square after Rock of Ages.  

Me and David in Times Square.  

Me, David, John and Kelly in Times Sqaure.  

Me and Annea, another NYC friend.  

Me and Aileen.  

Me and John.  

Walking through Central Park.  

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