Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dad's Day

Today was Dad's Day in Ella's class at school.  We've been so excited about this and have been talking about it for weeks and weeks.  The big day finally arrived  and I've never seen Ella so excited.  I must admit, it was pretty cute and I just love the way my girls light up around their dad.  As part of Dad's Day, Ella had to describe her daddy to her teachers.  Here's what Ella thinks of her daddy.

"My Ella. 
I call him Daddy.  Mommy calls him David.  The grey is his body.  I think I forget how old he is.  His favorite color is orange and he likes to eat apples.  I help him take down the Christmas tree.  I like to fix light bulbs with him.  I like to go to Home Depot with him.  Mommy and Daddy are married.  Mommy wanted him to marry her.  He likes to tickle her and she laughs.  I love my daddy and I just know he loves me.  Daddy said when I was a baby, I was a pretty girl."

First and foremost, David wanted to marry me.  Now that that's out of the way, David and I have laughed about this all day long.  Long story, but I was actually in her classroom on Monday morning (for a legit reason, not because I'm that mom) when Ella's sweet teacher asked her these questions and I had the pleasure of listening to her answers.  I was biting my lip to keep from laughing.  Like the uncontrollable laughs where your whole body shakes.  And, it was only slightly embarrassing, but in a funny way, when she talked about how David likes to tickle me.  I called David the second I got in the car on Monday and told him he was going to have some explaining to do on Dad's day.  We've been laughing ever since and we just think this is the sweetest thing ever.  

The last part where she talks about what David told her when she was a baby is in reference to the Barenaked Ladies Song "What a Good Boy".  We sing that song to her and she likes it.  A lot.  

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