Tuesday, January 31, 2012


A few weeks ago, David and I went to New Orleans with my best friend, Courtney, and her husband Scott.  Kid free.  It was mucho fun.  We got a smokin' deal at the Ritz, thanks to David's savvy negotiating skills, and we just ate and drank our way through the city.  I used to go to New Orleans a lot growing up and during and after college.  However, it had been years since I had been there.  I think the last time I was there was in 2004 for a friend's super fun wedding.  It's still the same in that partying, drinking, and eating are everywhere.  I mean, where else can you legally walk around the streets with an open container and get to go cups from bars and restaurants?   I think every city should adopt these rules.  And it was so much fun to spend time with Courtney and Scott.  I've known her since kindergarten and we been best friends forever.

Except for David getting sick the first night we were there, the trip was perfect.  It's not what you are thinking--he had to call it a night at 8:00 and spent all of Friday night in the bathroom in the hotel not having as much as the three of us due to some stomach bug.  Luckily, he felt much better the next morning and we just walked around, shopped, ate, and day/night drank.  And I got to see one of my best college friends, Melissa (friend who had the super fun 2004 wedding in New Orleans), and her adorable little girl Hollier for a bit on Saturday too.  It was so fun.

Friday night before dinner.  This is when David started to go downhill.  

Friday night somewhere on Bourbon Street, minus David.  

Courtney and Scott.  

Me and Courtney.  

Me and David.  



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