Wednesday, February 8, 2012

This Time Last Year

This time last year, my friends, life was good.  Ok, life is good all the time, but it was just a little sweeter last year around this time.  Why?  The Packers were SuperBowl Champions.  This year not so much and we found ourselves mildly cheering for the Giants on Sunday night over at our friends, the Knowles.  "If you can't beat em, join em"--isn't that how the saying goes? The Giants beat the Falcons, of which I am a fan because they are the home team, and they beat the Packers, of which I am a fan because my husband is a fan.  Well, I guess I've always been somewhat of a Packer fan since Brett Favre is from Mississippi.  But, my Packer "fanhood" has increased 10X since marrying David, a true Packer fan.  Also, it's really cute to hear Ella talking about a Lambeau Leap.  Anyway, watching the Superbowl when "your team" is in it is a completely different experience than watching it when "your team" isn't in it.  Not that we didn't have a fun time with the Knowles, but we just weren't as invested in the game like we were last year.  There's always next year right?  So, we are going to hit the rewind button here and enjoy some pictures from our SuperBowl party last year when life was really really really good.  Go Pack Go!

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