Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lesson of the Day

My MacBook crashed.  Well sort of.  I'm definitely not tech savvy enough to understand the explanation I got from the Apple store, so I'm just going to say it crashed.  Why is it when ever I go to the Apple store, I feel like I know what they are talking about, but the second I walk out, I'm back to being computer dumb again?  Anyway, I know something went wrong when I tried to run the software update last week and bad things started happening.  I've been without my computer for about a week and a half.  It's not fun.  Luckily, I had my iPad and iPhone, but they just aren't the same.  I was also able to back up everything on my external hard drive the day my computer started to go crazy.  I am beyond grateful I was able to do that because I would have lost everything had I not.  So what's the lesson (almost learned the hard way)---back up your stuff!  I have an external hard drive and I'm fairly happy with that.  But, I'm also curious to see if there is a better way to do it.  Does anyone use Mobile Me or any other sort of software to back up stuff?

And, I bought into the hype and read Hunger Games.  It's beyond bizarre and disturbing.  I liked it, but I fully admit that if I had not heard so much about it, I would have put it down after the first chapter.  That being said, I want to see the movie because I have all these visions in my head (not like crazy visions) or images of scenes from the book that I'm curious to see how they are portrayed in the movie.  And now that I'm done with that weird book, who can suggest something else?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Random Update

I don't really have anything specific to write about or devote to any one topic, so here's a list of random stuff that's happened over the last few weeks.

1.  Tonight when Ella was saying her prayers, she said "God, thank you for Napoleon and thank you for keeping him safe so that he doesn't fall back down here to Georgia Atlanta.  I love him and I miss him so much".  Sweetest.  Child.  Ever.

2.  The other night when she was trying to get everyone's attention and shockingly she wasn't getting it (even though grandparents were in the room), she said, "People, I'm running out of options here".  She's at that age where the funniest things come out of her mouth.  I love it and she makes us laugh every day.

3.  Finley's favorite word is "no".  She loves showing off her belly and she can say the following words:  "mama, dada, nose, toes, bubble, apple, uh-oh, Otto, and pwease (for please)".

4.  Last week was spring break and it was so fun!  My parents were in town for several days and then DeeDee and Granddad finished out the week with us.  The girls had lots of fun with them and we've spent this week in grandparent detox.  My mom treated me and Ella to a pedicure one day and it was so fun!  Ella wanted a flower on her toe and insisted that both my mom and I get one as well.  DeeDee treated the girls to their precious Easter dresses last weekend so we can get their picture made with live bunnies this weekend.  It should be interesting.

5.  I have a Girls' Night Out tomorrow night.  I'm beyond excited.

6.  We gave up discretionary spending for Lent.  I realize this is somewhat of a gray area and loosely defined, but I think David and I are on the same page about what that means.  For an example, I was at Target a few weeks ago and I saw the cutest skirt.  Pre Lent, the skirt would have been mine, but I exercised some restraint and didn't buy it.  I was in Target the other day and noticed said skirt was in the maternity section.  I still didn't get it.  However, I still think I would have bought it Pre Lent and just made it work.

7.  We signed Ella up for soccer and her first game is Sunday.  I am beyond excited.

8.  Stanley Update:  He's doing well.  We've discovered that he likes to dig.  I'm glad he's cute and that he's great with the girls.  

9.  One of my best friends from college and her 2 kids spent the night with us earlier this week.  It was so fun!  We went to this indoor play house on Tuesday and then we got real brave and decided to take the kids to lunch.  3 moms and 6 kids.  It was like a circus.  Finley ended better than she started in that I thought we were going to have to get our food to go.  Luckily, she was able to get it together.

10.  Is the Hunger Games really that good?  I haven't heard anyone say anything bad about it.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Our Latest Addition

No, I'm not pregnant.  Sorry to disappoint you DeeDee and Gammy.  But, we did add another member to our family this weekend.  Meet Stanley!  I mean, seriously, how cute is he?

We don't know too much about him yet, but here's what we do know:

1.  He's absolutely the sweetest thing ever.
2.  He LOVES the girls and Ella LOVES him.  Finley, not so much.  She's never really been into dogs like her big sister.
3.  He's got super soft and squishy ears and still has a trace of puppy breath.
4.  I kind of want to bite him all the time and I get the softies when I pet his ears.
5.  He and Otto get along great, which is such a relief.  I was holding my breath big time on this one.
6.  He's housebroken--whoo-hoo!
7.  He can curl into the smallest ball, especially in the girls chairs, which he LOVES, as evident in the picture.
8.  He's got a very deep bark.
9.  My mom found him on top of the kitchen table today.  Like all the way on top with all 4 paws.  He can be a little naughty.
10.  He sleeps in his kennel, but likes to whine and bark at certain points in the night.  It's kind of like we have a new baby in the house.  Not really, but a little.
11.  He still has some of his boy parts and I think he likes to flaunt them in front of Otto.  Luckily, said parts are coming off in a few weeks.
12.  He's a lover and would cuddle with you all day if you would let him.