Thursday, June 28, 2012


Here's the most important take away from this past weekend:

You do not have to be allergic to bee stings to go into anaphylactic shock.  Or, I should just rephrase and write that all it takes is one bee sting to realize you are allergic and go into a severe case of anaphylactic shock.  

Unfortunately, we learned this the hard way on Sunday.  David has been stung by bees all throughout his life and was stung several times a few weeks ago by a bee/wasp/hornet that flew into his hair.  He had just a typical reaction--local swelling and stinging.  This past Sunday he was stung one time on the top of his wrist and it sent him into anaphylactic shock within 20 minutes.  It resulted in a call to 911, me racing home with the girls to try and get to him, and a ride to the ER via an ambulance.  So not the way we had envisioned our day going.    

It was way beyond the scariest thing that's ever happened in my life.  David was so not ok when I found him Sunday morning.  He couldn't breathe and he was lying on the floor in a pool of sweat trying to talk to 911 to give them our address.  His face and entire body were a complete mess.  But, luckily, it ended well and we can now laugh about it.  We like to call it our own little Seinfeld episode. And, we are now the proud owners of several epi pens and I've turned into a super freak about all things with stingers and wings.  

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Ella!

Ok, so it was really on May 28th, but things have been a little crazy around here and we've been out of town a lot.  I hope to blog about our recent travels before the end of the year, but most importantly, I have to devote this post to my big girl Ella.  She turned 4 a few weeks ago and we had the most fun party to celebrate.  We rented a wet slip and slide with a pool, snow cone machine, and yard game (thank you Living Social).  We had tons of kids over at the house and it was beyond fun.  I'm attaching a lot of pictures from the big day, but I'm also starting a tradition of writing a letter to each of my babies on their birthdays.  Here goes:

Dear Ella,

How are you 4?  I can't believe it's been 4 years since you entered this world with a head full of dark, jet black hair and madder than a hornet.  I'll never forget the moment when we first laid eyes on you.  I go back and look at pictures and wonder how it's possible that you once were such a baby and now you are a for real big girl.  You are into all sorts of things now like ladybugs, rolly pollies, lightning bugs, dogs, play doh, and swimming.  You love the color pink and you've been attached to your "bobbies" (Barbies) lately, but you aren't a girly girl.  You love listening to the Grateful Dead with your daddy and love cooking with me.  You love roll ups, pancakes, skittles, broccoli, tomatoes, pb&j, gatorade, and Pirate's Booty.  You don't like putting on sunscreen, fish, and sweet potatoes.  You are kind, hilarious, and thoughtful.  You are the absolute sweetest 4 year old ever and (almost) never have problems sharing your toys.  I never thought we could be as blessed as we are now and I thank God every day for the gift of you.  We love you just the way you are and we can and can't wait for you to grow up.  Just don't do it too fast ok?


Mom and Dad

Now, pictures from the big day:

The best slide ever.  

The set up.  

Ella's 1st Birthday Cake.  

About to blow out the candles.  

Good job Ella!

Finley doesn't look too happy.  

The birthday girl in action.  

The slide was a bit hit.  

Miss Finley strutting her stuff. 

Ella's 2nd Birthday Cake.  

David, Me, Ella

Finley, David, Me, Ella

What a difference 4 years makes:

Ella at 4 years old.   

Ella at 4 weeks old.  

Ella at 4 years old.