Thursday, July 26, 2012


Before I write this, let me just say that we normally don't travel like this.  I mean, we aren't afraid to take an extended weekend trip without the girls as we've had our fair share of kid free trips lately.  I don't think anything compares though, to our 2 trips earlier this summer.

Trip #1:

We spent a few days in the Domincan Republic earlier this summer.  It was part of David's reward trip through his then job (that's a whole different post) at McKesson.  The entire trip consisted of partying, reading (at least for me anyway), laying by the pool, eating, and then drinking some more.  And, it was completely free--both kid and financially.  We had no schedule and the most adventurous thing we did was get a massage one day.  It was totally perfect in my book.

The view from our room.  

What I did all day.  That's me on the left.  

David and I. 

Trip #2:
We got home on a Sunday from the Dominican and then left 2 days later for the French countryside.  Tough life, I know.  Some of our dear friends, Adam and Hannah, invited us to stay with them for a few days at a private chateau/villa/house in the small, small town of Chastellux.  It's about 3 hours south of Paris.  The house was a typical French countryside house.  That makes it sound like I knew prior to this trip what a typical French countryside house was.  I didn't, but now I know.  The house was great and the views were beautiful.  We were in the middle of no where, but that was part of the fun.  We took a wine tour in a cave one day and then the rest of the time, we spent eating, drinking, and playing cards.  It was so relaxing.  After a few days in the country, we headed to Paris for more eating and drinking and trying to do all things Parisian.  The trip was incredible and the company was even better.  There were 4 couples total and it's been a long since I've laughed for a week straight.  We had so much together.

Here are some France pictures.  You can tell that our trip revolved around food and wine.  

The view from our room. 

The girls.  

Adam & Hannah. 

Wine tasting in a cave.  

Our lunch, post wine tasting. 

Some random car at the wine tasting.  

Dinner one night. 

Adam and David.  

Our home in the French countryside.  

Dinner one night again.  


Top of the Arc De Triomphe.  

When I get my Parisian flat, I want it to have a roof top garden/forest like this.  

David, trying to not look like a tourist.  I think he pulled it off. 

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